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“I recently met Tim at the Ogden Speaking Academy in Atlanta and learned about his Operation Teammate organization that he spoke passionately about. He is truly a world-class guy who is on a mission to change lives.” - Mark A. Wingo, former NFL player - 2016
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Operation Teammate

About Operation Teammate

Operation Teammate is a children's focused organization with a multitude of avenues to welcome our nation's children - we help parents who serve as:

Military - ALL-ERA VETERANS (Active Duty/Guard/Reservist):

Wounded Warriors
Army | Navy | Marines | Air Force | Coast Guard

First Responders:
Police Officers | Firefighters | Paramedics | Emergency Medical Responders

Our Mission

We provide an opportunity for sports teams to welcome children of military and first responder parents as honorary teammates during times of separation. In keeping with our mission, we strive to involve more institutions in our cause.  Please contact us for details.

Our Vision

Our aim is to determine the most appropriate avenue to meet an array of family goals and bring a terrific sporting experience to these children. By doing this, we are able to build a better community while establishing that bridge between families and organizations.

Pathway to Success

Operation Teammate provides an opportunity for sports teams to welcome children of military and first responder parents as honorary teammates during times of separation (deployments/training/community relief). Our aim is to determine the most appropriate avenue to meet an array of family goals and bring a memorable sporting experience to these children.

Operation Teammate has teamed up with former NFL player Marques Ogden, to spread our message and create that memorable sporting experience.

Proposal to Teams:

Operation Teammate pursues opportunities to work in conjunction with athletic organizations to obtain services from teams and players. This enables Operation Teammate to provide an opportunity to a select group of U.S. Military and First Responder children to attend a game unique to them. This includes meet & greet time prior to a scheduled game, pre/post game interactions, and picture/autograph opportunities at the appropriate times. Also, this could be followed up by the execution of Pen Pal corresponding between select players and children that have parents away from home on duty. Our organizational goals align with similar programs such as the NFL’s Salute to Service initiative, and while incorporating the Operation Teammate mission with the Salute to Service outreach, it would establish that bridge between our families and each organization's community.

How does Operation Teammate reach our goals?

*** Operation Teammate is the ONLY program that supports military and first responder families in this manner ***

There are nearly 3 million U.S. Military and First Responder families across the nation; 20% of those parents are away from home on duty throughout each calendar year. Operation Teammate matches children of U.S. Military and First Responder parents with sporting organizations (high school/college/professional), with intent of providing supporting interaction during times of separation. Events are scheduled per coordination between Operation Teammate and each sporting team, while families request participation at an upcoming event through on-line submission. Success of an event is partially based on 90% of on-line submission attendance; to date, Operation Teammate maintains a 95% attendance rate. Attendee’s engagement with sports figures at/during events further solidifies an event’s success, and our program’s mission is supported by testimonials from attending families. The preferred target audience for Operation Teammate is those school age children (ages 5-18) that have a U.S. Military or First Responder parent(s) away from home on duty.

Areas of Impact:

The Operation Teammate primary focus area is the southeast United States; to date, events have been conducted in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia.  One of our most recent events was at a University of South Carolina Women's Volleyball match. Operation Teammate accompanied 28 kids/parents on September 3rd to the college, enjoyed the fast pace action and interacted with the players after the match. The kids got to take pictures, ask questions and get autographs from the players. The volleyball team was excited to meet us and welcomed our children with open arms.

Additionally, Operation Teammate has worked with the Columbia Fireflies minor league baseball team, in South Carolina. Activities during this event included showing an Operation Teammate promotional video, an Operation Teammate member throwing out the first pitch, and an opportunity to fellowship with fans about what our organization has to offer.

Based on parental testimony, their children’s rise in self-confidence and engaging behavior with the at home parent, is a result of our program. Operation Teammate events are bonding experiences for families and promote a positive lifestyle that has led to open dialogue from our children to the deployed parent; directly resulting in the success of our mission.

Organizational Support:

Operation Teammate desires to expand our footprint throughout our communities while working with a variety of organizations. We request opportunities to work with teams/players to further show that appreciation to family members of our U.S. Military and First Responders going through extraordinary family separations. Operation Teammate is open to a variety of avenues for the 2016 - 2017 seasons. This includes, but not limited to Regular Season/Playoff games, and any special appearances that are agreed upon between Operation Teammate and the teams.


Happy to Help Parents and Kids Alike

At Operation Teammate, we find fulfillment in knowing that we are able to extend a hand to people who put their lives on the line every single day for our safety and security. Here's a testimonial from one of them:

"For years, I just seemed to be wandering, thinking that an opportunity would find us. By having this opportunity for my children to be shown the appreciation for their efforts, I have everyone at Operation Teammate to thank. The impact your agency has had on our lives is amazing."

- Joey T.

Warfighter Up Radio interview with Operation Teammate Mothers Brother Hour – 5 October 2016

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